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Products & Service
Products and Service:
      Our company has engaged in research and development of hydraulic test system, Xin`ou have gained the rich experience in the hydraulic test apparatus design and manufacture, can according to the customer's requirements, to design the product.

Main Products:
     1.  Hydraulic comprehensive test bench, Hydraulic pump test bench, Hydraulic motor test bench, General valve test bench, Hydraulic multi-channel valve test bench,Hydraulic servo valve loading test bench, Hydraulic cylinder test bench, Hydraulic breaker test bench, TBM loading test bench.
     2.  Hydraulic pumps maintenance, hydraulic system maintenance.

Agent service:
     1.  Provide ATOS hydraulic components and technical service;
     2.  Provide BOSCH-Rexroth hydraulic components;
     3.  First class representative of Taiwan TECO inverter in Guangdong;
     4.  Sauer-Danfoss specified service partner.

The after-sales service and technical support:
     1.  Provide training and various hydraulic technical information;
     2.  24-hours technical service, service phone:020-82333916;
     3.  Among province , we can , within 24 hours, arrive at the place to deal with the trouble and provide free technical consulting and software upgrade services;
     4.  We provide commonly used spare parts inventory. Commonly used spare parts within 24 hours, major or unusual provide spare parts provided within 30 days.