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  Sauer-Danfoss-Daikin hydraulic repairing service center
Guangdong maintenance service company: No.11-D Yunqing Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong
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Guangxi maintenance service company: Sanhe Construction machinery Market 711-712,No.8 Nanjian Road, Nanning
Mr. zhang (manager)  13557510998 , 513298108@qq.com
Anhui maintenance service company: No.5 Xiangpu Road, Chang`an Industrial Cluster, Taohua Town, Feixi , Hefei.
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Hydraulic pump test Guangdong University of technology Professor Huang inspect the maintenance center

Guangzhou Hydraulic Engineering Machinery Maintenance Technology Training Center
     For the requirement of vast Engineering Machinery market, in the support and care of China Construction Machinery Association, China Construction Machinery Association Repair and remanufacturing branch and all social people, Guangzhou Hydraulic Engineering Machinery Maintenance Technology Training Center was established at the right moment. Based on the spirit of service for engineering machinery industry, the training center adheres to the principle integration of theory with practice, engaged in engineering machinery maintenance technology talents training, committed to the maintenance technology study.
     The training center is located in Guangzhou Huadu International Machinery City, which is national engineering machinery maintenance appraisal unit. On the premise of lacking of engineering machinery maintenance personnel, the training center trains some key techniques such as hydraulic and electronic especially for engineering machinery maintenance companies, engineering machinery parts and host business unit, engineering construction unit.
     The center has qualified teachers, and well operating equipment. Mr. Wang Qixin the Chinese engineering machinery maintenance expert held the post of Principal. Mr. Mao Zhounan comes from Guangzhou Construction Machinery Parts Industry Association held the post of dean of students. Guangdong University of Technology hydraulic director Prof Huang Zhijian, China engineering machinery maintenance experts’ selection committee director Zhu Qiping, China engineering machinery maintenance experts’ selection committee Ma Dongming, national expert Zhang Xincai and Luo Yuanfang are teachers. Xu Hairong, CTO of Rongxing hydraulic Co.LTD with rich experience held the post of operating coach. The center inviting consequently renowned association director of maintenance expert and each big brand construction machinery service for guest lecturers.