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SUNWARD Hydraulic Motor Test Bench
2013-11-01      clicks:
SUNWARD Hydraulic Motor Test Bench
Product name Hydraulic Motor test bench
The comprehensive test bench was developed for the hydraulic component used by 5.5-70T excavators and loaders machines of SUNWARD. Hydraulic comprehensive test bench applicable to all kinds of general hydraulic components of the performance test, can satisfy different user's testing requirements. Hydraulic components test bench is divided into five varieties: hydraulic valve test rig, hydraulic pump test bench and hydraulic motor test rig, hydraulic cylinder test rig and comprehensive test bench. This series of test bench has designed various configurations, for example: proportional control system, digital display system, variable frequency speed regulation system and computer measurement and control system etc, the user can select it according to your need.
Performance parameters
Meet standards National standards GB/T8104、GB/T8105、GB/T8106、GB/T7936、GB/T 15622
Industry standards JB/T8728,JB/T7039,JB/T7042,JB/T7044
 Total power 250KW
 Range of test pressure 0~40MPa
 Range of flow rate 0~500L/min
Range of rotational speed 0~3000r/min
Composition of the structure Dynamic system, hydraulic control system, hydraulic oil filter temperature control system and electric control system, data acquisition test system
Application area The  motor  used by 5.5-70T excavators and loaders machines