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LIUGONG Hydraulic Multi-channel Valve Test Bench
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 LIUGONG Hydraulic Multi-channel Valve Test Bench
Product name Hydraulic multi-channel valve test bench
Function The test bench was developed for the multi-channel valve used by 4-45T loader of LIUGONG .The test parameters through sensor, data acquisition and industrial PC realize static and dynamic data acquisition, processing, printing pressure loss curve, internal leakage curve, the relief valve pressure characteristic curve, reversing valves budge characteristic curve and relief valve transient response characteristic curve, the test reports and data management, etc.
Test projects ① The main valve setting pressure validation ② Commutation performance ③ Median leak test ④ Reversing a leak test ⑤ Withstand test
Performance parameters
Meet standards The hydraulic multi-way directional valve test method pressure;⑤ Sealing performance GB/T8104、GB/T8105、GB/T8106
Total power 220KW
 Range of test presure 0~35MPa
Range of flow rate 0~500L/min
Range of rotational speed 0~3000r/min
System temperature Control mode Water cooling
Composition of the structure Dynamic system, the hydraulic control system, the hydraulic oil filter temperature control system, the work piece clamping device, the electrical control system, the data acquisition test system.
Application area The multi-channel valve used by 4-45T loader.