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SANY Hydraulic Pump And Motor Test Bench
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SANY Hydraulic Pump And Motor Test Bench
Product name Hydraulic pump and motor test bench
The test bench was developed for main pump and motor of SANY pump truck, excavator, and rotary drill.
The test range, the test items and the test requirements are consistent with the JB/T7039-7044 and other relevant industry standards.
Test projects
① No-load running test;② Determination of efficiency(Including the determination of displacement, the volumetric efficiency and the total efficiency determination);③ Overload test;④ The variable characteristics test of the variables agencies;⑤ Impact test;⑥ Monitoring of process parameters: monitor noise, vibration, temperature and motion stability and so on, which are generated in the testing process.
① No-load running-in trials, ② Start torque testing; ③ Power measurement (n, T) and efficiency measurement (including displacement measurement, volume efficiency and total efficiency determined); ④ Overload performance testing; ⑤ Low-speed stability testing, ⑥Variable institutions variable characteristics testing, ⑦ Impact test, ⑧ Process parameters monitor: including experimental process of noise, vibration, normal temperature, running smoothness monitoring, etc.
Performance parameters
Meet standards GB/T7936,JB/T7039,JB/T7042,JB/T7043,JB/T7044,JB/T8728,GB/T13853,JB/T 10829-2008,GB20421,GB/T 17491
Total power 160KW
Range of test pressure 0~35MPa
Range of flow rate 0~500L/min
Range of rotational speed 0~3000r/min
System temperature Control mode Electricity cooling
Hydraulic control circuit  Open or closed
Rotation direction Reversible rotation
Composition of the structure Dynamic system, the hydraulic control system, the hydraulic oil filter temperature control system, the electrical control system, the data acquisition test system.
Application area Rexroth:A7V,A11V,A2F,A10V,A6VM,A2FM series hydraulic pump and motor。Kawasaki: K3V, K5V, M2X, M5X series hydraulic pump and motor.