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LIUGONG Cylinder Test Bench
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LIUGONG Cylinder Test Bench
Product name Cylinder test bench
Function The cylinder test bench was developed for the cylinder used by 4-45T loader and excavators of LIUGONG .This Cylinder test bench can do performance test for the various engineering fuel tank, the test parameters through sensors, data acquisition, display and industrial computer can bring about data acquisition, processing, printing characteristic curve, the performance curves and efficiency curves, test reporting and data management.
Test projects ① No-load running back and forth test;② Starting pressure test;③ Overload performance test;④ Impact test;⑤ Buffer leakage test;⑥ Leak test;⑦ Travel detection.
Performance parameters
 Meet standards GB/T 15622-2005《液压缸试验方法》
Total power 160KW
 Range of test pressure 0~50MPa
Range of flow rate 0~500L/min
 Range of rotational speed 0~3000r/min
System temperature Control mode Water cooling
Composition of the structure Dynamic system, the hydraulic control system, the hydraulic oil filter temperature control system, the work piece clamping device, the electrical control system, the data acquisition test system.
Application area Various engineering cylinder